Keynote Speeches

No. Speaker Name Institutional Affiliation Speech Title
1 Michael Harris Bond Visiting Chair Professor of Psychology, Department of Management and Marketing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Editor of Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology Self-identification as a world citizen across nations, generations and genders
2 Guo-Ming Chen (陳國明) Professor of Communication Studies, University of Rhode Island, Co-editor of China Media Research An Explication and Application of the Chinese Zhong Dao Management Model
3 Juliane House Prof. emeritus, Universität Hamburg, Director of Programs in Arts and Sciences, Hellenic American University, President of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies Translation as Intercultural Communication
4 Daniel Z. Kadar Professor of English Language and Linguistics, Director of Centre for Intercultural Politeness Research, University of Huddersfield, Co-editor of East Asian Pragmatics (Im)Politeness, Metapragmatics,and Intercultural Communication
5 Youzhong Sun (孫有中) Professor and Vice President, Beijing Foreign Studies University, President of China Association for Intercultural Communication, President of Chinese Association for ESP Intercultural Competence and Critical Thinking
6 Keyan Tomaselli Distinguished Professor, University of Johannesburg; Professor Emeritus, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Editor-in-Chief, Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies, Co-editor, Journal of African Cinemas Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Confusion and Intercultural Conflict: Theory as Power and Negotiation