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International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)
The International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies consists of scholars from a range of the cultural sciences who are dedicated to doing research on communication across cultures. The group meets annually at different locations around the world. Its membership is made up of participants from over 32 countries. These participants meet annually to discuss common research interests. The results of their investigations are published in the journal of the organization, Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS).


China Association for Intercultural Communication (CAFIC)

Founded in 1995, China Association for Intercultural Communication (CAFIC) is a non-governmental academic association under the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Branch, Chinese Association of Higher Education. Dedicated to establishing a platform and pooling resources, CAFIC intends to promote the exchange and cooperation among Chinese and international scholars in the field of intercultural studies, foster intercultural research and education, and make contribution to China-foreign cultural exchange and the making of a harmonious world.

Intercultural studies covers a whole range of fields, including intercultural (interpersonal) communication, intercultural (media/organizational) communication, comparative cultural studies, comparative literature, literature and translation, intercultural business communication and management, globalization studies, intercultural Chinese-language teaching, language and cultural policies, intercultural education, and immigration studies. In China's context, intercultural studies are concerned with the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, among different countries in the world, as well as among subcultures within China. Endorsing an interdisciplinary approach, scholars of intercultural studies employ both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, conduct both theoretical research and applied research, and engage in training programs for the public.

CAFIC welcomes any scholar, teacher, or person in the related industry who is committed to intercultural studies and education to apply to become a member. CAFIC members, while fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations, may also enjoy their rights and privileges. Together, we help CAFIC grow and thrive.

The first president of CAFIC was Prof. Hu Wenzhong (Beijing Foreign Studies University) the second president was Prof. Jia Yuxin (Harbin Institute of Technology), and the current president is Prof. Sun Youzhong (Beijing Foreign Studies University).

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