The Center for Translation Studies (Center) of CBS, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Established in 1989 with an endowment fund donated by the Wei Lun Foundation, our Centre for Translation Studies is dedicated to conducting academic and professional research in translation studies and related areas. In addition to research, the Centre is actively involved in organizing relevant academic conferences and publications. In recent years, the Centre has expanded its professional activities, providing short courses on translation and offering consultancy services to fellow departments within the university as well as in the local community.

  • Foundation with the intention of promoting scholarly activities in the field of translation.
  • The Centre realizes this intention as supporting scholarly work and the exchange of ideas in the fields of translation studies and translation history, while helping to raise standards of translation pedagogy and professional training, developing innovative techniques and methodologies for translators, and providing professional services (including consultation) not only to other departments of PolyU but also to the community at large.

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Shaping the Future of Translation and Interpreting Studies in a Context of Technological, Cultural and Social Changes

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