Wanna make good use of your summer in 2019? The Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies will offer two exciting credit-bearing subjects on the theme of Language and Culture. The study of language illuminates humanism.

To understand humanity, one must understand the nature of language that makes us human. The subject “Fun with Language” provides an overview of human languages and their interesting aspects. The purposes are to raise consciousness about language use and to remind everyone of the ways to have fun with language. This subject is suitable for those who are interested in language and do not have any prior technical knowledge.

The study of language is also interdisciplinary in nature. The subject “Understanding Japan: A Journey into Japanese Culture and Society” addresses the interface between language and culture, with special reference to the context of Japan. Supplemented with elementary Japanese language expressions (e.g., greetings and basic daily expressions), this subject will provide students with a gateway into a deeper, anthropological understanding of Japanese culture.