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Staff Directory
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  | Name | | Position | | Telephone | | Email |  
  Ms YU Yuet Yin Michelle Analyst Programmer 2766-7830 michelle.yu  
  Mr HO Chung Yip Stephen Senior Technical Officer 3400-3826 ho.chungyip  
  Mr CHEUNG Hok Man Raymond Technical Officer 3400-3329 raymond.chm  
  Mr TONG Kwok Tai Technician 2766-7456 kt.tong  
  Mr TSUI Ka Kit Andy Audio and Video Production Officer 2766-7468 ka-kit.tsui  
  Mr CHAN Kam Yiu Joe Assistant Technical Officer 2766-4338 joe.ky.chan  
  Mr WONG Yik Ching Eugene Assistant Technical Officer 3400-8547 eugene.yc.wong  
  Mr WONG Yiu Leung Jack Assistant Technical Officer 3400-8226 jack.yl.wong  

The email addresses listed are in the format of username@polyu.edu.hk



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