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Associate Professor        Dr CHAN Wing Shan Angel (PhD, MPhil, BSc)

Areas of Scholarship:

Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics


• CBS3408 Language Acquisition (for BA students)

• CBS483 Introduction to Language Learning and Development

  (for BA students)

• CBS4701 Project in Language Studies (for BACBS students, co-taught)

• CBS4999 Project in Language and Speech Sciences (for BALSS students, co-taught)

• CBS574 Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Learning (for MA students)

• CBS592 Psycholinguistics (for MA students)

• CBS5133 Foundations in Linguistics and Language Sciences III (for Master of Speech Therapy Students)

• CBS5299 Research Project I (for Master of Speech Therapy Students, co-taught)

• CBS5399 Research Project II (for Master of Speech Therapy Students, co-taught)

• CBS5241 Paediatric Communication Disorders: Assessment and Treatment I

  (for Master of Speech Therapy Students, co-taught: Case Manager for 1 paediatric language PBL problem;

  instructor for 1 seminar)

• CBS5242 Paediatric Communication Disorders: Assessment and Treatment II

  (for Master of Speech Therapy Students, co-taught: Case Manager for 1 paediatric language PBL problem;

  instructor for 1 seminar)

• CBS513 Topics in Chinese Grammar (for MA students, co-taught)

• CBS6841 Current Issues in Psycholinguistic and Neurolinguistic Research (guided study subject for

  PhD students, co-taught)

• CBS6842 Advanced Theories in Psycholinguistics (guided study subject for

  PhD students, co-taught)

• CBS6404 Practicum I (for PhD student)

• CBS6405 Practicum II (for PhD student)

Full ProfileResearch


2007 PhD in Psycholinguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig & University of Leipzig, Germany
2004 MPhil in Linguistics, Chinese University of Hong Kong
2000 BSc in Speech & Hearing Sciences, University of Hong Kong
Since 2000 Qualified Speech Therapist, based on the BSc gained at HKU & accredited by Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (U.K.)

Work Experience

Since April 2016Deputy Programme Leader, Master of Speech Therapy Programme, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Sep 09 - presentAssistant Professor & Founding Member, Speech Therapy Unit, Dept of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
(On maternity leave in 2010 & 2012)
Oct 07 - Aug 09Postdoctoral Fellow & Manager, Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre, Dept of Linguistics and Modern Languages, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professional Affiliation


Name of Professional Institution

Institutional Representative from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists (HKAST) Membership Eligibility Committee
Full Member  The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists
Member  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University-Peking University Research Centre on Chinese Linguistics
Member The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong (LSHK)
Member The International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL)
Member The International Association for the Study of Child Language (IASCL)

Research Projects   

Research Grants Council (RGC)-funded projects:

  • Asymmetries in Cantonese Children's Comprehension and Production of Relative Clauses: Structure, Typology and Processing (2018-20) 
    General Research Fund, RGC Project no. 15607217
    Principal Investigator: Angel Chan (PolyU), Co-Investigators: Stephen Matthews (HKU), Candice Cheung (PolyU), Hu Shenai (Xiamen University)
  • Influence of Language on Speech Impairments in Parkinson's Disease: Adding Cantonese to the FRALUSOPARK (2017-18)
    PROCORE-France/Hong Kong RGC-CGF Joint Research Scheme, RGC Project no. F-PolyU507/16
    Hong Kong team: Principal Investigator: Angel Chan (PolyU), Co-Investigator: Caicai Zhang (PolyU), Team members: Si Chen (PolyU), Jing Shao (PolyU), Hang-Ching Iris Lam (PolyU), Shirley Pang (Queen Mary Hospital)
    French team: Principal Investigator: Serge Pinto (CNRS No. UMR 7309 and University of Aix-Marseille), Co-investigator: Jasmin Sadat (CNRS), Dr. François Viallet (Regional Hospital Centre, Aix-en-Provence)
  • Re-visiting Tone Acquisition of Cantonese Speaking Children in Hong Kong (2016-17)
    General Research Fund, RGC Project no. 14602715
    Principal Investigator: Peggy Mok (CUHK), Co-Investigators: Angel Chan (PolyU), Carol To (HKU)
  • Crowd-sourcing, Linguistic Analysis, and Language Resources (2012-15)
    General Research Fund, RGC Project no. 544011
    Principal Investigator: Chu-ren Huang (PolyU), Co-Investigators: Yao Yao (PolyU), Angel Chan (PolyU), Wenjie Li (PolyU), Shoushan Li (Soochow University)

Other recent projects as Principal Investigator:

  • Relative Clause Processing in Cantonese-Speaking Children with Specific Language Impairment: A Pilot Study (2017-18, PolyU Internal Grant)
  • Bilingual NCS children in Hong Kong: Learner Language Characteristics and Second Language Vulnerability (2015-17, PolyU Internal Grant)
  • Relative Clauses in Child Cantonese: A Pilot Eye-Tracking Study (2014-15, PolyU Internal Grant)
  • Constructing a Blueprint of a New Assessment Tool for Child L2 Mandarin Receptive Vocabulary (2011-2015, PolyU Internal Grant)

Research Output    (* student author)

  • CHAN, A., Wu, W-L.,*Leung, N., *Lee, S., *Luo, J.  (under revisions). Cantonese tone production in pre-school Urdu-Cantonese bilingual minority children.
  • CHAN, A., Lee, K., Yip, V. (in prep). A new tool for assessing child Mandarin receptive vocabulary.
  • *Yang, W.C. & CHAN, A. & Kidd, E. (in prep). Beyond subject/object asymmetry: Mandarin-speaking children's processing of different relative clause types.
  • Rowland, C. & CHAN, A. (in prep). What the eyes don’t see: How the visual scene affects children’s ability to demonstrate linguistic knowledge in visual world paradigms.
  • Wang, S-C.*, Huang, C-R., Yao, Y. & CHAN, A. (in prep). Semantic transparency and the semantic head effect of Chinese disyllabic compounds. Special issue of IACL23 “Syntax-Semantics Interface in Chinese Linguistics”. Language and Linguistics.
  • CHAN, A., Chen, S., Matthews, S. & Yip, V. (in press). Comprehension of Chinese relative clauses in a trilingual acquisition context. Frontiers in Psychology: Language Sciences.
  • *Wang, S-C., Huang, C-R., Yao, Y. & CHAN, A. (under review). Word Intuition Agreement among Chinese Speakers: A Mechanical Turk-Based Study.
  • CHAN, A., *Yang, W.C., Chang, F. & Kidd, E. (in press). Four-year-old Cantonese-speaking children’s online processing of relative clauses: A permutation analysis. Journal of Child Language. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0305000917000198
  • Pinto, S., CHAN, A., Guimarães, I., Rothe-Neves, R. & Sadat, J. (2017). A cross-linguistic perspective to the study of dysarthria in Parkinson’s disease. Journal of Phonetics. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.wocn.2017.01.009
  • *Liu, Z.J. & CHAN, A. (2017). How qualia structure influences Mandarin children’s language acquisition: evidence from noun-modifying constructions. In Z.Y. Song  & C.R. Huang (eds). Generative Lexicon: Theory and Research on Mandarin Chinese. Beijing: Commercial Press.          
    *劉兆靜 陳詠珊. (2017) 浅谈物性结构对汉语儿童语言习得的影响:以名词修饰结构为例. 宋作艳、黄居仁 主编《生成词库理论与汉语研究》商务印书馆.
  • Kidd, E., CHAN, A. & *Chiu, J. (2015). Cross-linguistic influence in simultaneous Cantonese-English bilingual children’s comprehension of relative clauses. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. 18 (3), 438–452.
  • *Wang, S-C., Huang, C-R., Yao, Y. & CHAN, A. (2015). Mechanical Turk-based Experiment vs Laboratory-based Experiment: A Case Study on the Comparison of Semantic Transparency Rating Data. Proceedings of the 29th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC 29). 30 Oct - 1 Nov, 2015. Shanghai.
  • *Wang, S-C., Huang, C-R., Yao, Y. & CHAN, A. (2014). Exploring mental lexicon in an efficient and economic way: crowdsourcing for linguistic experiments. Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2014). Aug 2014. Dublin.
  • Rowland, C., Claire, N. & CHAN, A. (2014). Competition all the way down: How children learn word order cues to sentence meaning. In B. MacWhinney, A. Malchukov & E. A. Moravcsik (eds). Competing Motivations in Grammar and Usage. Oxford University Press. pp.127-143.
  • *Liu, Z.J. & CHAN, A. (2012). The role of qualia structure in Mandarin children acquiring noun-modifying constructions. Proceedings of the 26th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC 26). 8-10 Nov 2012. Bali, Indonesia.
  • CHAN, A., Matthews, S., & Yip, V. The acquisition of relative clauses in Cantonese and  Mandarin. In E. Kidd (ed). The Acquisition of Relative Clauses: Processing, Typology and Function. John Benjamins. 2011. 197:225.
  • CHAN, A., Meints, K., Lieven, E. & Tomasello, M. Young children’s comprehension of English SVO word order revisited: testing the same children in act-out and intermodal preferential looking tasks. Cognitive Development. 2010. 25(1): 30-45.
  • CHAN, A. The Cantonese double object construction with bei2 ‘give’ in bilingual children: the role of input. International Journal of Bilingualism. 2010. 14(1): 65-85.
  • CHAN, A., Lieven, E. & Tomasello. M. Children’s understanding of the agent-patient relations in the transitive construction: cross-linguistic comparisons between Cantonese, German and English. Cognitive Linguistics. 2009.20(2): 267-300.

Consultancy Work

Mar 09 - Mar 14 Honorary Assistant Professor, Dept of Linguistics, HKU
Sep 09 - present Affiliated Member, Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre, CUHK
May 09 - present Editor, Child Language Bulletin (published twice a year by IASCL)
2008 - present Reviewer: Applied Linguistics, Applied Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, First Language, Language Learning and Development, Lingua Sinica, Journal of Child Language, Journal of Neurolinguistics
Reviewer: Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector under Research Grants Council

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