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Teaching Fellow        Ms COTTON-CHAN.Yee Kwan Valentina
           (MSc, BA)

Areas of Scholarship:

Bilingual Corporate Communication


Subjects taught:

• Introduction to Bilingual Studies (CBS 1401)

• Individual and Societal Bilingualism (CBS 2401)

• Media Languages and Communication (CBS 3903)

• Functions of Corporate Communication (CBS 3442)

• Glocalization and Corporate Communication (CBS 4443)

• Bilingual Workshop for External Corporate Communication (CBS 3445)

• Bilingual Workshop for Internal Corporate Communication (CBS 3444)

• Bilingual Workshops in Corporate Context: The Foundations (CBS 2450)

• Bilingual Workshop for Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication (CBS 3440)

• Projects in Language Studies, Bilingual Corporate Communication Practicum (CBS 4701)

• Strategic Corporate Communication (CBS 5404)

• Professional Seminar: Challenges and Practice (CBS 5408)

• MABCC Supervised Project (CBS 5410)





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