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Lecturer        Mr NG Pak Kei Patrick
       (MSocSci, MA in English (TESL), HonDip)

Areas of Scholarship:

Intercultural communication, media discourse,

bilingual corporate communication


My teaching duties revolve around the undergraduate level (serving BA (Hons.) in Chinese & Bilingual

Studies or BACBS) and postgraduate level (MABCC) at CBS, PolyU. They consist of both conceptual

subjects and bilingual communication workshops for students interested in Bilingual Corporate

Communication (BCC) as Rider or Minor within BACBS curriculum offered by CBS and likewise for

MABCC, which is newly launched by CBS.

Currently, for BACBS, I teach conceptual subjects include Symbolic Communication across Languages,

Persuasive Communication in Greater China, Cultural Signs and Corporate Communication, Intercultural

Communication, and Media Communication in a Bilingual and Chinese Context, while skill-based

workshop including Bilingual Workshop for Verbal and Non-verbal Communication. For MABCC,

I will teach Symbolism and Corporate Communcation and Advanced Bilingual Workshop for Verbal

and Non-verbal Corporate Communication.


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