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Assistant Professor        Dr TERUYA Kazuhiro (PhD, MA, Dip.Ed, BA)

Areas of Scholarship:

Systemic functional linguistic theory and description, language

comparison and multilingual studies, language typology, language logic,

discourse analysis, register profiling, advanced second / foreign language



Comparative linguistics studies of Japanese, Chinese and English (PolyU), Deploying functional text

typology in Japanese, Chinese and English (PolyU), Japanese for the media (PolyU), Communicating

in Japanese in multilingual workplaces (PolyU), Discourse analysis (UNSW, Sydney), Grammar as a

meaning-making resource (UNSW, Sydney), Language and Society (UNSW, Sydney), Japanese as

second / foreign language (UNSW, Sydney), Systemic functional linguistics (PhD autumn course,

Odense branch, Syddanske Universitet, Denmark), Systemic functional description and language

typology (PhD course, Sydney University, Sydney), Appliable discourse analysis (University of British

Colombia, Canada), Functional grammar (Beijing Normal University, Beijing), Systemic functional grammar

and literary studies (Air University, Pakistan), Register analysis (Postgraduate workshop, Universidade

Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil), Language description (Pre-Congress Institute of ISFC 2005, Sydney)

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