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Associate Professor        Dr SZAKOS Jozsef (Dr. Phil., STL, STB)

Areas of Scholarship:

General Linguistics, Documentary Linguistics, 2nd Language

Teaching/Learning, Austronesian Linguistics, Language and Technology


POLYU (MA Scheme in Chinese Language and Linguistics): 2007- present.

Methodology of Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language I/II

Intercultural Communication

Introduction to Pedagogical Linguistics

Supervised International Chinese Teaching Internship

Language in Society


Research Methodology

Research Ethics

NCCU, Taipei, MA/PhD Program, Dept of Ethnology

Topics in Austronesian Languages and Linguistics, Language and Culture, Anthropological

Linguistics Ethnobiological categorization, Topics in Formosan Mother Tongue Instruction,

Aboriginal Lexicography

Graduate School of Western Languages and Literature, Providence University, Taichung

Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Linguistic Typology, Dialectology, Lexicography,

Corpus Linguistics, Computers in Literary Studies, Historical Linguistics, Discourse Analysis,

History of Linguistics, Neurolinguistics, Clinical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics:

Teaching Chinese as a second/foreign Language, Etymology,

English Department, Providence University

Introduction to English Language and Linguistics, Advanced Linguistics, Linguistic Analysis,

English Phonetics and Phonology, English Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, History of English,

Historical Linguistics, Etymology, Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Intermediate English

Conversation, Tourism English, Bible as Literature, Linguistics and Literature, Applied

English courses for Natural Sciences(Chemistry, Food Science), Introduction to the Study of Translation

Providence University Extension Courses

Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to Translation Studies, English courses .

CCU, Chiayi: Law Department

German 1-2-3-4, Legal German

FuJen Catholic University: Graduate School of Linguistics

Linguistic Fieldwork, Linguistic Typology, Dialectology, Corpus Linguistics and Lexicograph

FuJen Catholic University: Graduate School of German

Latin language I and II.

FuJen Catholic University: College of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Computers in Language Studies, Public Speaking

ChaoYang University of Technology, MA Programme, Dept of Applied Linguistics

Topics in Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis

NDHU Department of Indigenous Languages and Communication

Introduction to Austronesian Languages and Linguistics, Indigenous Languages Research

Methods, Phonetics of Formosan Languages, Indigenous Language Analysis, Grammar, Semantics,

Corpus Linguistics, Study of English Documents Relating to Formosan Aborigines,

NDHU Graduate Institute for Taiwan Ethno-Development

Topics in Austronesian Peoples and Languages, Topics in Ethnic Issues

Full ProfileResearch

Research Output   

Research output: Conference presentations

  1. Szakos, Jozsef. 2014. From Field to Class: Dictionaries for the teaching of endangered Austronesinan languages in Taiwan. 10-15.08.2014. AILA World Congress. Brisbane.
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  13. Szakos, Jozsef. 2011. ‘The Writing on the (Great) Wall’: Observations on the Rapid Ascendence of Chinese on the World Stage. Congress of FILLM, International Federation of World Languages and Literatures.5-8 October 2011, Halden. Norway.
  14. Szakos, Jozsef. 2011. Language Arts in the Curriculum of Future Teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language. 1st Conference on Applying (Putonghua/English) Language Arts.
    Hong Kong, June 4-5 2011APELA.
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    and  Application of these Corpora to Language Teaching. TALC9. Brno.
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    I Congreso Internacional de Lingüística de Corpus (CILC’09) Murcia, Spain
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Research: Projects (ascending order)

1993-1994 The Dialect Atlas of Inner Mongolia. A research project conducted together with Prof. Michael Weiers at the University of Bonn and the University of Inner Mongolia, funded by the German Research Foundation and Volkswagen Foundation
1995-1996 Phonetic Studies of Sa’arua. New professor’s research grant given by Providence University, Taichung
1996-1997 NSC 86-2411-H-126-005. From Transparency to Opacity: A Study of Sa’arua Morphology in Comparison with Tsou
1997-1998 NSC 87-2411-H-126-005 The Deictic System of the Sa’a rua Language on the background of Tsou
1997-1998 The Language and Culture of the Kanakanavu (Southern Tsou) in Kaohsiung County on behalf of the Sanmin District Government in Kaohsiung County
1998-1999. NSC 88-2411-H-126-004-M7 Tsou Semantics: The Analysis of the verbal ystem of the Tsou language.1/3
Collaborative NSC research project with Professors of the Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Taiwan University.
1999-2000 Southern Tsou, Sa’arua Language Documentation Project (Lexicon) on behalf of the Aboriginal Affairs Commission of Executive Yuan, Central Government of Republic of China
1999-2000 NSC 89-2411-H-126-003-M7 Tsou Semantics: The Analysis of the verbal system of the Tsou language.2/3 Collaborative NSC research project with Professors of the Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Taiwan University
2000-2001 NSC 90-2411-H-126-001- Tsou Semantics: The Analysis of the verbal system of the Tsou language.3/3 Collaborative NSC research project with Professors of the Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Taiwan University
2001-2002. NSC-90-2411-H-126-011. Semantic and cognitive categorizations in the Saaroa and Kanakanavu languages.;
2002-2003 NSC-91-2411-H-126-011. Verbs in View: The Tense and Aspectual Systems of Kanakanavu and Saaroa languages.
2003-2004 Providence University Professor’s Grant: Research on the Morphology of Saaroa and Kanakanavu languages.
2004-2005 NSC-93-2411-H-126-011 Research on Lexicalization and Focus in Saaroa and Kanakanavu languages
2005-2006 Alphabetization and Mother Language Teaching in Schools of Indigenous Language Area. Collaborative Project with Prof. Huang TungChiu, supported by the Council of Indigenous Affairs, Taiwan
2007-2010 Dictionary Project for the Kanakanavu (Southern Tsou) Language, supported by Council of Indigenous Affairs, Taiwan.
2008-2009 Creation of Multimedia Corpus out of Formosan Indigenous Language TV News broadcasts. Polyu. CBS Dept. Project 4-ZZ76.
2009-2011 Connected Speech: Fluent Speech Variations in Saaroa, Kanakanavu, and Tsou (Formosan Austronesian) Languages ICRG, PolyU. 1-ZV4L.
2010-2012 Dictionary Project for the Saaroa (Southern Tsou) Language, Project supported by the Council of Indigenous Peoples, Taiwan.
2010-2011 Non-referential uses of Nominalization Constructions: Asian Perspectives  (Co-PI.  1-ZV6W)
2011-2012 Stance Marking Across Languages: Typological, Diachronic and Discourse Perspectives.
(Co-PI. 1-ZV8P).
2010-2011 Visual Skills in Learning to Read Chinese Characters: Differences between Native and Non-native Speakers of Chinese (Co-PI.  G-U950)
2011-2012 Ethnolinguistic Categorizations in Some Formosan Languages.  (CBS-Dept. 1-ZV7X)
2012-2013 Lexicon Building Through Speech-corpora: Documenting Saaroa, an Austronesian Language in Taiwan. (CBS-Dept. G-UA19)
2013-2014 Corpora from the Last Speakers: Kanakanavu Language Documentation in Taiwan. (CBS-Dept. G-UA91.
2014-2016 Lexicographic Studies Towards an Electronic Open-Access Dictionary of Tsou, an Austronesian Language in Taiwan. CBS-G-UC84.

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