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Instructor        Ms LI Hoi Ping, Isabel (PgDE, MPhil, BA)

Areas of Scholarship:

Chinese language and literature, Classical Chinese opera, Putonghua

teaching and testing, Chinese language and Putonghua education


  1. 1. Chinese Language in The University of Hong Kong Space
    1. (Community College)
    2.   - Putonghua; Practical Chinese; Advanced Chinese; Foundation Chinese

  2. 2. Chinese language in Lingnan University and Open University
    1. - Putonghua

  3. 3. Chinese language education and Chinese culture in The HongKong Institute of Education
    1. - Putonghua teaching method for primary school; Putonghua teaching method for secondary school;
    2.   Language and culture; Chinese traditional culture; Putonghua

  4. 4. Chinese literature in The University of HongKong
    1. - Classical Chinese fiction; Shi poetry: selected writers; Ci poetry up to the nineteenth century;
    2.   Ci poetry: selected writers; Modern Chinese literature ( 1917-1949 ) : fiction;
    3.   Chinese theatre during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing periods

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