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Associate Professor        Dr WU Dongying Doreen (PhD, MA, BA)

Areas of Scholarship:

Sociolinguistics, Comparative Discourse Studies, Media and

Corporate Communication


Subjects taught:

• Advances in Sociolinguistics

• Bilingualism: Its First Principles

• Communications in Greater China

• Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts

• Contrastive Discourse Analysis

• Glocalization and Corporate Communication

• Glocalization and Media Communication


Full ProfileResearch


1994PhD in Linguistics, University of Florida, U. S. A
1989MA in Sociology of Communication, California State University, Hayward, U.S.A.
1986MA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages (GIFL), P. R. C.
1982BA in English, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, P.R.C.

Work Experience

2003-presentAssociate Professor, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
1995-2003Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
1994 Instructor for Beginning Chinese, Dept of African and Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Florida, U.S.A
1992-1993 Lecturer for TESOL, East Los Angeles College, U.S.A.
1981-1986Lecturer for English, Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages (GIFL), P.R.C.

Research Output   


  • 吳東英等,2016,新媒體的社會語言學研究:回顧與展望, 《當代語言學》,2016年第四期。
  • WU, Doreen D. & Chaoyuan LI. 2016. Sociolinguistic approaches for intercultural new media studies, Intercultural Communication Studies, XXV(2): p. 14-31.
  • FENG, Wei & Doreen D. WU. 2016. State-owned or otherwise: Dialogic construction of corporate identities on Sina Weibo, Intercultural Communication Studies, XXV(2): p. 63-81.
  • WU, D. and CHUNG, M.K. 2015. Glocalizing voice and style of Cosmopolitan in China, Translation and Cross-cultural Communication Studies in the Asia Pacific, edited by Leung KO and Ping CHEN, p. 407-420. Brill Rodopi.
  • FENG, W. & WU, D. 2015. Female leadership and discourses in post-colonial Hong Kong, edited by John Wilson & Diana Boxer, Discourse, Politics and Women as Global Leaders, p. 251-274.  John Benjamins.
  • WU, D., HUANG, Y. & LIU M. 2014. Competing and hybridized discourses in Chinese news  reporting: Case studies of three newspapers in southern China, Journal of Multicultural  Discourses, 9 (3):1-18. 
  • CHUNG, M.K. & WU, D. 2013. Between tradition and modernity: image representations of women in Cosmopolitan, China, Linguistic Research, 2013, 12:79-92.
  • 吳東英、林敏奮, 2012, 香港《星島日報》廣告文本變遷再分析,《中國社會語言學》, 第一期,1-12頁。
  • WU, D. & CHUNG, A. 2011. Hybridized images: Representation of the “modern woman”  across Mainland China and Hong Kong TV commercials, Journal of Asian-Pacific Communication, 21(2): p. 177-195.
  • WU, D. (co-ed. with S. MAO). 2010. Media Discourses & Cultural Globalisation: A  Chinese Perspective, Critical Arts, vol. 25(1).
  • WU, D. & P. NG. 2010. Becoming global, remaining local: The discourses of  international news reporting by CCTV-4 and Phoenix TV Hong Kong, Critical  Arts, vol. 25(1): 73-87.
  • WU, D. (co-ed. with S. KUO). 2009. Media Discourse in Greater China, special issue  for Journal of Asian-Pacific Communication, vol. 19(2).
  • WU, D and FENG, J. 2008. Multilingualism in Hong Kong. Journal of Multicultural  Discourses, vol. 3(2): 151-155.
  • WU, D. 2008. Between global and local: Hybridized appeals in China web auto ads, Corporate Communication: An International Journal, 13(1): 68-79.
  • WU, D. (ed.) 2008. The Discourses of Cultural China in the Globalizing Age. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press..
  • WU, D. and K. CHAN. 2007. Multilingual mix in Hong Kong Advertising, pre- and post-1997, Asian Journal of Communication, 17(3): 300-318.
  • FENG, J. W. and D. WU. 2007, Cultural value change in mainland China’s commercial  discourse, edited by Shi-xu, Discourse as Cultural Struggle, p. 73-90. Hong Kong  University Press.
  • 馮捷蘊、吳東英, 2007,廣告話語的結構重疊和中國社會的變遷,《傳播與社會學刊》,  第2期, 161-177頁。
  • WU, D., and CHUNG Ellen M.K. 2006. Involvement strategies in Hong Kong print  advertisements, 1950s and 1980s, China Media Research, 2(2): 25-37.
  • 吳東英等,2004, 國內外媒體語言研究的回顧和展望,姚喜雙、郭龍生主編, 《媒體語言大家談》 343-361頁。 北京:經濟科學出版社。
  • WU, D. and HUI H. M., 2002. Variation in textual dimensions across Hong Kong and  mainland China entertainment news reporting, Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data, Vol. III,  The Yuen Ren Society.
  • 吳東英,2001, 廣告語篇結構的常規與變異, 董燕萍、王初明主編,《中國的語言學研究與應用》,516-535頁, 上海外語教育出版社。
  • 吳東英,2001,再論英語借詞對現代漢語詞法的影響,《當代語言學》,第2期, 81-89頁。
  • WU, D. 2000. Orality in Hong Kong print media, Language and Education in Post-colonial  Hong Kong, edited by David C. S. Li et al., p. 81-94, Linguistic Society of Hong Kong.
  • 吳東英,許謙文,2000, 方言變異還是語體變異? 內地與香港娛樂新聞的語篇差異分析,  《中國語文》第 1期: 35-41頁。
  • 何自然、吳東英, 1999, 中國內地與香港的語言變異和發展, 《語言文字應用》, 第4期,82-87頁。
  • 吳東英,1999,  「中國語言文化系列」影片的製作及教學應用﹐ 李學銘主編, 《中文及雙語教學論叢》,42-51頁﹐香港理工大學中文及雙語學系出版。
  • 吳東英,1998, 中國內地與香港的廣告寫作,李學銘主編, 《大專寫作教學研究集刊》,  333-343頁﹐香港理工大學中文及雙語學系出版。
  • WU, D. and HUI H. M. 1997.  Personage description in Hong Kong versus mainland Chinese entertainment news discourse, Text, 17 (4), p.517-542.

Consultancy Work

  • Co-editor, book series on Studying Multicultural Discourses, Hong Kong University Press.
  • Advisory Board Member for the journals of:

    Contemporary Linguistics
    Critical Arts
    East Asian Pragmatics
    Intercultural Communication Studies
    Journal of Multicultural Discourses
    Modern Foreign Languages.

  • Member of Advisory/Standing Committee for:

    China Association for Intercultural Communication
    China Pragmatics Association
    ESP in China
    International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies
    The Association of Chinese Sociolinguistics

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