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Staff Directory
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  | Name | | Position | | Telephone | | Email |  
  Miss LEUNG Suk Kwan April Personal Secretary - Head of Department 2766-4168 april.leung  
  Ms HON Ming Luen Katy Senior Executive Officer 2766-7464 katy.hon  
  Ms CHAN Yat Yue Olivia Executive Officer - LEP / Chinese Language Centre 3400-3836 olivia.yy.chan  
  Ms SZE King Wan Loretta Executive Officer - GSLPA / Testing Unit 3400-3827 loretta.sze  
  Ms TAM King Pui, Janice Executive Officer - Academic programmes / CBS Proper 2766-7455 janice.kp.tam  
  Ms AU Pui Ki, Becky Assistant Officer 3400-3658 becky.au  
  Ms Lee Ka Man Assistant Officer 3400-3830 mansfield.lee  
  Mr LUI Shiu Hang, Andy Assistant Officer 2766-7443 andy.sh.lui  
  Ms LAU Yee Wai Vivian Chief Clerk 2766-7835 vivian.lau  
  Ms SEID Wang Hung Bonnie Chief Clerk 2766-7463 bonnie.seid  
  Ms TANG Tsz Ching Natalie Chief Clerk 2766-7829 natalie.tang  
  Ms CHAN Kit Ching Supporting Staff 2766-7469 kit.kc.chan  
  Mr CHEUNG Cho Sing, Leo Supporting Staff 2766-4755 leo-cho-sing.cheung  
  Mr CHEUNG Yiu Hong Supporting Staff 2766-7454 yiu-hong.cheung  
  Ms CHOW Oi Han Canny Supporting Staff 2766-7829 canny.chow  
  Ms FUNG Wai Ling Renee Supporting Staff 2766-7924 reneewl.fung  
  Ms HAR Wai Oi Wendy Supporting Staff 3400-3636 wendy.har  
  Mr HUI Siu Lun Alan Supporting Staff 2766-7454 siu.lun.hui  
  Ms HUI Yuen Yee, Winnie Supporting Staff 3400-3837 winnie.yy.hui  
  Ms KEUNG Hi Ling, Charlotte Supporting Staff 2766-5613 charlotte.keung  
  Ms LI Kit Yee Gigi Supporting Staff 2766-7924 kit.yee.li.clc  
  Ms LIU Wing Yee, Zoe Supporting Staff 3400-3636 zoe.liu  
  Mr NG Pui Kwan Tony Supporting Staff 2766-7460 tony.pk.ng  
  Ms NG Siu Ying, Doris Supporting Staff 3400-7924 doris.ts.ng  
  Ms YING Chui Yu Cherry Supporting Staff 3400-3269 ying.cherry  
  Ms YIP Po Chu Florence Supporting Staff 3400-3268 florence.yip  

The email addresses listed are in the format of username@polyu.edu.hk



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