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Research Strengths

CBS is very active in conducting research that is related to biliteracy and trilingualism. Our research yields practical, concrete results with real world applications. Most of our research output is published in leading academic journals.

Our research objectives are:

  • to help solve language problems specific to Hong Kong, especially in relation to Chinese language education and bilingual education;
  • to train professionals and scholars who can then go on to play crucial roles in the competitive world of multilingualism;
  • to build solid scholarly foundations for the various uses of language in business and education, such as in corporate communication, language education, language technology, and language testing.

Our research expertise covers these areas:

In empirical approaches to linguistics, the cost centre aims to achieve international recognition and excellence in corpus linguistics, critical discourse analysis, language acquisition, language assessment, linguistic analysis of emotion and sociolinguistics.

In Chinese Linguistics, the cost centre aims to build upon its international standing to achieve world leading status, by fully utilizing the strategical importance of Hong Kong in the study of Chinese linguistics and by putting its research in the bilingual context of Hong Kong as well as bilingualism in the Chinese context.

While maintaining its international leadership in the study on the Chinese translation traditions, the research strategy for the cost centre of translation since the last RAE has been designed to conduct research in translation and interpreting within an interdisciplinary context, with a special focus on data-driven, empirical approaches that are underpinned with solid theoretical knowledge.

The cost centre of Chinese Language Teaching and Communication  has been building its international standing with an interdisciplinary endeavor and a locally-grounded but globally minded perspective. Advances have been made in this area not only by integrating  theoretical insights and research methods from Western scientific traditions such as bilingualism, intercultural communication, linguistics, psychology, and sociology but also by drawing on the Chinese intellectual legacy and re-constructing Chinese rhetorical theories and notions for global readers.

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