22 Jan: Research Talk by Dr. Li Sheng & Dr. Anita Wong (Details)

Past events

Speaker Title Date Details
Prof. Chen Kuang Yu Oracle Bone Inscriptions – A Pivotal Link in Building Chinese Civilization 2019/11/06
Prof. Peng Gang Sinogram and the Brain 漢字與大腦 2019/11/06
Prof. Chaofen Sun The Perfective 了1 in Modern Standard Chinese: Contexts and Degree 2019/10/16
Prof. David C. S. Li ‘Perfective paradox’: A Cross-linguistic Study of the Aspectual Functions of –guo in Mandarin Chinese 2019/10/16
Prof. Sir Colin Blakemore Seeing, drumming, dancing, drawing and writing: Clues to the evolution of language 2019/09/18
Prof. Chu-Ren Huang Chinese as a Complex Self-adaptive System: Some Preliminary Studies 2019/09/18
Prof. P. Thomas Schoenemann Research Exploring Co-evolution of Tools and Language 2019/07/24
Prof. Michael Ullman Language Learning Relies on Brain Circuits that Predate Humans 2019/07/18
Dr. Jana Reifegerste Language and Aging 2019/07/18
Prof. Jan Schnupp The auditory neuroscience of pitch 2019/04/17
Dr. Candice Cheung Comprehension of presuppositions in Cantonese-speaking children with and without autism spectrum disorders 2019/04/17
Prof. Tan Lihai Neurodevelopment of language: A comparison of Chinese and English 2019/03/27
Dr. Angel Chan Lexical tone production in Cantonese-speaking patients with Parkinson's Disease  
Prof. Patrick Wong Neurobiology of Spoken Language Learning 2019/01/23
Dr. Caicai Zhang Neuroplasticity of individuals with congenital amusia: An intervention study 2019/01/23
Dr. Gong Tao Computational Research in Psychology and Linguistics 2018/11/05
Prof. Fu Qiaomei Unveiling the history of early modern humans through ancient genomes 2018/10/24
Dr. Tao Ran Understanding Chinese reading process based on multi-level neurocognitive modulations 2018/08/27
Prof. Mary Waye Perfect pitch - why do some people have this ability? 2018/08/27
Prof. Brenden Weekes Multilingualism and the brain 2018/02/28
Dr. Mehdi Bakhtiar The effect of right hemisphere stimulation on language recovery in left-brain damage patients with chronic aphasia 2018/02/28  
Dr. Angel Chan Comprehension of Chinese relative clauses in a trilingual acquisition context 2018/01/31
Dr. Ivy Cheng Clinical application of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for swallowing disorders following stroke 2018/01/31
Prof. Jiangping Kong A Study on the Evolution of Voval Tract from Chimpanzees to Humans 2018/01/17
Dr. Gang Peng Tone Development in Mandarin-Speaking Children 2018/01/17  
Prof. Rosa Ayesa A lens to the language deficit in schizophrenia: Verbal memory and voxel based morphometry in first episode non-affective psychosis 2017/12/10  
Dr. Caicai Zhang Online adjustment of phonetic expectation of lexical tones to accommodate speaker variation 2017/12/10  
Prof. Kathleen Wermke Prosodic Primitives in Vocalizations of Infants with Different Mother Tongues 2017/09/06