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Recruitment of Internship Opportunities

We are committed to providing our students with strong bilingual communication skills and career competencies. Our students understand that in order to become a successful bilingual professional, they need to apply and practice their classroom knowledge in real-life environments. We therefore strongly encourage our students to become actively involved in any community projects that are organized by non-profit making organizations, as well as in any short-term internships that are offered by local and international organizations during their study period. Such activities give our students valuable opportunities to grow and to expand their horizons. These opportunities provide real-life environments within which our students can apply and contribute their knowledge and skills to the community and to industry. In the process their career competencies will improve and their post-graduation employment opportunities will be enhanced. Not only do internships help our students to gain valuable and authentic work experience during their study period, but they also offer an attractive opportunity for organizations committed to nurturing young talent for their industry.

If any non-profit or for-profit organizations require short-term student interns, and if you believe that the work required will allow our students to make use of their bilingual language skills, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be very happy to discuss the details of how CBS student interns can help you!


Enquiries about Recuitment of Internship Opportunities



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