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  Prof LI Chor Shing David Head of Department
2766-7440 AG503 david.cs.li Full CV  
  Prof HUANG Chu-ren Chair Professor 2766-4832 GH513 churen.huang Full CV  
  Prof WANG Shi Yuan, William Chair Professor 3400-8557 GH144 shiyuan.w.wang Full CV  
  Prof CHAN Shui-duen Professor 3400-3271 AG510 shui.duen.chan Full CV  
  Dr FUNG Suk-Yee, Roxana Associate Head
Associate Professor
2766-4783 AG512 roxana.fung Full CV  
  Dr CHAN Wing Shan Angel Associate Professor 2766-7439 EF740 angel.ws.chan Full CV  
  Dr CHEUNG Kay Fan Andrew Associate Professor 2766-7448 AG513 andrew.cheung Full CV  
  Dr KIM Sun-A Associate Professor 2766-7563 AG514 sun-a.kim Full CV  
  Dr LEE Yat-mei Sophia Associate Professor 2766-7447 AG515 ym.lee Full CV  
  Dr LEUNG Man Tak Associate Professor 2766-4756 EF743 mantak.leung Full CV  
  Dr LI Dechao Associate Professor 2766-7458 AG518b dechao.li Full CV  
  Dr PENG Gang Associate Professor 3400-8462 AG509 gang.peng Full CV  
  Dr TERUYA Kazuhiro Associate Professor 2766-7446 AG504 k.teruya Full CV  
  Dr WU Dongying Associate Professor 2766-7441 AG520a doreen.wu Full CV  
  Dr YAO Yao Associate Professor 2766-7478 AG508 y.yao Full CV  
  Dr ZHU Xinhua Associate Professor 3400-3840 CF701c xinhua.zhu Full CV  
  Dr CHEUNG Chi Hang Candice Assistant Professor 2766-7538 AG520b candice.ch.cheung Full CV  
  Dr KWONG Yee Lan Assistant Professor 3400-8559 EF707 elaine-yl.kwong
  Dr LAU Kai Yan Dustin Assistant Professor 2766-6362 EF744 dustin.lau  
  Dr LIU Kanglong Assistant Professor 2766-7451 AG518d kl.liu  
  Dr LEUNG Wai-mun Director of CLC
Assistant Professor
2766-6364 GH634 wai-mun.leung Full CV  
  Dr LIU Yi Assistant Professor 2766-4914 AG506 yi.liu Full CV  
  Dr NGAI Sing Bik Cindy Assistant Professor 2766-7465 AG517a cindy.sb.ngai Full CV  
  Dr POLITZER-AHLES Stephen Assistant Professor 2766-7891 EF406c stephen.politzerahles Full CV  
  Dr WONG Min Ney Assistant Professor 2766-7268 CF707 min.wong No CV  
  Dr WU Zhiwei Assistant Professor 2766-7434 AG518c zhi-wei.wu Full CV  
  Dr ZHANG Caicai Assistant Professor 3400-8465 EF741 caicai.zhang Full CV  
  Dr AOYAMA Reijiro Research Assistant Professor 2766-7445 EF406a rei.aoyama Full CV  
  Dr BAKHTIAR Mehdi Research Assistant Professor 2766-4229 EF406b m.bakhtiar Full CV  
  Dr CHEN Si Research Assistant Professor 3400 8461 FG803 sarah.chen Full CV  
  Dr HSU Yu Yin Research Assistant Professor 2766-7875 CF709 yu-yin.hsu Full CV
  Dr CHAN Chi Leung Josef Lecturer 2766-4423 CF701f josef.chan Full CV  
  Dr LAM On Associate Director of CLC
2766-7762 GH609 on.lam Full CV  
  Ms LAU Man Choi Lecturer 2766-7487 CF701e karen.ma.lau Full CV  
  Mr NG Pak Kei Patrick Lecturer 3400-8464 FG804 patrick.ng Full CV  
  Dr YUEN Chun Wah Lecturer 3400-8463 GH604 david.cw.yuen Full CV  
  Dr CHEUNG Hei Yee Visiting Lecturer 2766-4402 AG518c cheung.anthea Full CV  
  Dr CHAU Chan Wai Yi Teaching Fellow 2766-4665 GH631 joan.chau Full CV  
  Dr CHEUNG Chi Kan Teaching Fellow 2766-7754 GH630 chi.kan.cheung Full CV  
  Dr CHENG Siu Kei Ken Associate Director of CLC
Teaching Fellow
2766-7484 CF708 ken.cheng Full CV  
  Ms HAN Haemin Hannah Teaching Fellow 2766-6361 AG502 hannah.han Full CV  
  Dr. HUI Ting Ting Teaching Fellow 2766 4792 AG521 maggie.hui Full CV  
  Dr LAM Yan Yan Teaching Fellow 2766-7994 GH633 yan.yan.lam Full CV  
  Dr LI Wenjing Teaching Fellow 2766-7459 AG502 wenjing.li Full CV  
  Dr MATSUMOTO Masumi Teaching Fellow 2766-4791 AG517b matsumoto.masumi Full CV  
  Dr MIAO Chuanjiang Teaching Fellow 2766-7836 GH627 chuanjiang.miao Full CV  
  Dr NG Sheung Yuen, Daisy Teaching Fellow 2766-4402 AG521 sy.d.ng No CV  
  Ms SIM Sinae Teaching Fellow 2766-4794 AG502a sinae.sim Full CV  
  Dr TIEN Yuk Sunny Teaching Fellow 2766-4794 AG502a yuk-sunny.tien Full CV  
  Dr WONG Cheuk Lam, Cherie Teaching Fellow 2766-7497 AG524 cherie.wong  
  Dr WU Wing Li Teaching Fellow 2766-5636 AG524 wing-li.wu Full CV  
  Ms LAM Hang Ching Clinical Associate 2766-7437 EF746 hangching.lam  
  Dr LEE Wing Yee Anna Clinical Associate 3400-8466 EF707 annawingyee.lee Full CV
  Ms TAM Wai Sze Candice Clinical Associate 2766-4574 EF745 candice.tam  
  Ms TANG Po Yi Tempo Clinical Associate 2766-7837 EF742 tempo.tang Full CV  
  Ms YAU Siu-kwan Teresa Clinical Associate 3400-3656 EF745 teresa.yau Full CV  
  Ms YEUNG Ho Yi, Olivia Clinical Associate 3400-8460 EF746 olivia.hy.yeung  
  Dr CHAN Che Shan Language Instructor 2766-7787 GH607 che.shan.chan Full CV  
  Dr CHAN Chi Wang Language Instructor 2766-7480 GH617 chi.wang.chan Full CV  
  Ms CHEUNG Ching Yu Language Instructor 2766-4099 GH613 sally.cheung Full CV  
  Ms CHEUNG Yuen Man Language Instructor 2766-4906 GH628 yuen.man.cheung Full CV  
  Mr CHIU Kwok Kei Language Instructor 2766-4904 GH622 kwok.kei.chiu Full CV  
  Mr HUI Him Man Language Instructor 2766-5563 CF708 him.man.hui Full CV  
  Ms KWOK Siu Kuen Language Instructor 2766-7760 GH622 siu.kuen.kwok Full CV  
  Dr LAM Yee Man Language Instructor 2766-4667 GH628 yee.man.lam Full CV  
  Ms LI Ai Jun Shafi Language Instructor 2766-7479 GH603 shafi.li Full CV  
  Ms MOK Siu Mui Language Instructor 2766-4723 GH605 siu.mui.mok Full CV  
  Dr NG Kam Lung Language Instructor 2766-6985 GH617 kam.lung.ng Full CV  
  Mr NGAI Yu Cheong Vincent Language Instructor 2766-7789 GH607 yu.cheong.ngai.clc Full CV  
  Dr PANG Tun Language Instructor 2766-4913 GH606 tun.pang Full CV  
  Dr SIU Soon Wah Johnson Language Instructor 2766-4142 GH622 soon.wah.johnson.siu Full CV  
  Ms TAM Yuen Language Instructor 2766-7925 GH606 yeun.tam Full CV  
  Ms WONG Kwai Yung Language Instructor 2766-7796 GH627 kwai.yung.wong Full CV  
  Miss YIM Wai Ying Connie Language Instructor 2766-4910 GH623 connie.yim Full CV  
  Ms YU Jing Language Instructor 2766-4044 GH610 jing.yu Full CV  
  Ms CHAU Chi Ping Instructor 2766-4905 GH603 jenny.ccp Full CV  
  Ms CHOI Yuk Ling Instructor 3400-3581 HJ615 yuk-ling.choi no CV  
  Ms FAN Ling Instructor 2766-7431 GH608 fan.ling Full CV  
  Dr LEE Hoi Lam Instructor 3400-3272 HJ615 hoi-lam-hl.lee Full CV  
  Mr Lee Wing Tat Instructor 3400-8549 HJ623 wingtat.lee no CV  
  Ms LI Hoi Ping Isabel Instructor 2766-7433 GH628 isabel.li Full CV  
  Dr LIANG Shanshan Instructor 3400-3862 GH627 shanshan.liang Full CV  
  Miss MA Hakwan Helen Instructor 3400-3864 GH610 helen.hw.ma Full CV  
  Dr SHU Yali Instructor 2766-3927 GH627 yali.shu Full CV  
  Dr TAO Yuan Instructor 2766-3328 HJ622 dora.tao Full CV  
  Dr TSANG Wai Sin Instructor 2766-4911 GH605 ws.tsang no CV  
  Miss WONG Ching Sum Instructor 3400-3583 HJ623 sarah.wong no CV  
  Miss WONG Pui Han Instructor 2766-7471 GH623 pui-han.wong Full CV  
  Dr YANG Jianfen Instructor 3400-3659 HJ615 sabrina.yang no CV  
  Dr YAU Yuet Yee Instructor 2766-4429 GH611 yuetyee.yau no CV  
  Ms ZENG Jie Instructor 2766-4430 GH613 jie.zeng Full CV  
  Mr ZHANG Yi Instructor 3400-8551 HJ623 wings.zhang no CV  
  Dr ZOU Yuxin Instructor 2766-4912 GH611 yuxin.zou Full CV
  Dr DONG Sicong Postdoctoral Fellow 2766 8542 GH710 sicong.dong Full CV  
  Dr FONG Cheuk Man, Manson Postdoctoral Fellow 2766 8552 GH710 manson.cm.fong Full CV  
  Dr KLYUEVA Natalia Postdoctoral Fellow 3400-8553 HJ613 natalia.klyueva no CV  
  Dr. SHAO Jing Postdoctoral Fellow 3400 3870 AG518 jing.shao Full CV  
  Dr WONG Tak Sum Postdoctoral Fellow 2766-7900 AG520 tak-sum.wong Full CV  

*The email addresses listed are in the format of username@polyu.edu.hk



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