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General University Requirements

Starting in September 2012 with the commencement of the new 4-year curriculum, all PolyU undergraduate students need to fulfill the comprehensive General University Requirements (GUR), which consist of six components:

  1. Freshman Seminar (FS)
  2. Language and Communication Requirements (LCR)
  3. Leadership and Intra-Personal Development (LIPD)
  4. Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)
  5. Service-Learning (SL)
  6. Healthy Lifestyle (HL)

The Department of Chinese & Bilingual Studies (CBS) has played an active role in designing and teaching the Chinese subjects that are a component of the Language and Communication Requirements (LCR) and the Cluster Area Requirements (CAR). The CAR includes a variety of subjects across four cluster areas. CBS offers subjects in the first three cluster areas, which relate to: Human Nature, Relations and Development (CAR A); Community Organisation and Globalization (CAR B); and History, Culture and World Views (CAR C). In addition, CBS offers different types of subjects which meet the service learning requirement.

About Chinese Subjects for Language and Communication Requirements (LCR)

Based on the results of their Chinese subject in HKDSE / other public exam upon admission, or CLC placement test, all PolyU undergraduate students are required to take the Chinese LCR subjects that are appropriate for their level of Chinese proficiency.

List of Chinese LCR Subjects

About Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)

CAR subjects are designed to allow students to expand their intellectual capacity beyond their disciplinary domain. These subjects will enable students to tackle professional and global issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.

CAR subjects currently offered by CBS

About Chinese Writing and Reading Requirements (CW/CR)

The CW/CR requirements are embedded within some of the CAR subjects. Being trained in CW/CR requires students to put more effort into, and pay special attention to, the language aspect of their written assignments for the courses concerned in addition to the subject content of those courses.

CAR Subjects with Chinese Reading & Writing (CW/CR)

About Service-Learning (SL)

Service-learning entails both activities that directly serve people in need, and civic engagement activities that indirectly serve the community or an underprivileged group.

SL subjects currently offered by CBS

Please visit the website of PolyU’s Office of General University Requirements (OGUR) for more comprehensive information about the General University Requirements (GUR) of the 4-year Curriculum at PolyU.




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