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Postdoctoral Fellowships

CBS is an active player in both theoretical and applied research. We always have a number of funded research projects in progress at any given time. We are therefore always in need of qualified and suitable postdoctoral fellows who can work alongside our faculty members and help them carry out these research projects.

  • Qualifications and Requirements of the Fellowship
  • Duration of the Fellowship
  • Salary and Other Benefits
  • Application Procedures

    (i)Application Period
     Applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships are welcome year round.
    (ii)How to Apply
    • An application must be made by a faculty member (the designated PI) on behalf of the applicant in relation to a specific research project. The application should be addressed to the Departmental Research Committee.
    • Each applicant is required to fill in Form HR7A and submit this, along with his/her Resume, to the faculty member so that these can be included with the application.
    (iii)Information to be included in a Resume
    • The applicant is required to select up to five of his/her most representative research output items and provide a full list of publications/other research output items for the consideration of the Committee/Panel concerned.
    • If the research output items are journal articles, both the impact factor and the ranking of each journal within its discipline should be provided, if practicable.
    • Accepted, yet-to-be-published journal articles can also be included, but the letters of unconditional acceptance must be provided as evidence.
    • If the applicant is not the first or second author of a journal paper listed, an explanation as to how he/she made a significant contribution to the paper should be provided.
    • The journal list of the Faculty/School concerned will be used as the main criteria for assessing the quality of the applicant’s journal publications. The impact factor and ranking of a journal within its discipline, which should be provided by the applicant, will also be considered for journals that are not on the list of the Faculty/School concerned.
    (iv)Other Requirements
     A Postdoctoral Fellow is required to have his/her PhD or equivalent qualification in hand when the Fellowship commences. A Fellowship must commence within six months of the date on which the Fellowship is awarded. Documentary evidence from the registry of his/her university confirming the attainment of the PhD or equivalent qualification may be required.



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