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Japanese is one of the few East Asian languages assoicated with a socio-economically powerful country. Since 2008, CBS has served as the stronghold in Hong Kong for cultivating graduates with practical and professional capacities in Japanese language and culture. These capacities apply to various communication contexts, from everyday life to travelling to translating/interpreting to new media to business dealings. Through our programmes students acquire Japanese communication skills and a working knowledge of Japan and its people, all of which are highly beneficial to their personal and professional lives.

CBS’s Japanese language studies programmes are offered from beginner to advanced levels through our Minor programme. If students have prior knowledge of Japanese, they may start at an intermediate level or higher in order to achieve a higher language level goal. A postgraduate programme is also offered to those who already have higher Japanese language proficiency and wish to pursue a postgraduate degree.

In our Japanese programmes, students are not only taught by academics who have extensive international experience in teaching Japanese and language studies, but will also have numerous opportunities to interact with Japanese guest speakers in class. Our programmes also offer students different learning experiences, such as participating in Japanese speech competitions and in popular and/or traditional Japanese cultural events. In addition, if students desire to gain an even deeper knowledge of Japanese, they can apply to study in Japan through our Exchange programme.


The rising global and economic importance of Korea is creating more career opportunities for graduates who have a good understanding of Korean language and culture.

CBS began offering the Korean programme to PolyU students in 2011. This programme, which is designed and taught by native Koreans, offers a great opportunity for students to learn an East Asian language that is gaining in popularity worldwide. Through the highly interactive, innovative and interesting Korean language and culture courses, students are able to develop their Korean language proficiency and deepen their understanding of Korean culture. Various cultural activities are frequently held outside of the classroom, so that students can get a taste of authentic Korean culture. Every summer and winter vacation, students can apply to join the “Study in Korea Program” in order to more deeply enhance their learning of Korean language and culture.



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