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UGC Funded Programme
4-year BA (Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies [BACBS]


Programme Aims :

The programme aims to produce all-round graduates with (1) biliterate and trilingual proficiency, (2) good knowledge of language/sign-mediated communication especially in the contexts of East Asian and Anglo-American cultures, (3) profession-specific literacy and skills in corporate communication and/or translation and interpretation, and (4) a basic understanding of the conceptual resources underpinning the aforementioned outcomes.


Programme Outcomes:

The graduates of the programme will have

  1. fluency in English, Mandarin Chinese and/or Cantonese as well as proficiency in written standard Chinese and English;
  2. a good knowledge of the theory and practice of corporate communication, and/or translation and interpreting, and/or linguistics and speech sciences;
  3. a good understanding of the nature of language/sign-mediated communication;
  4. a solid knowledge of the theory and practice of cross-cultural etiquette and interaction;
  5. broadened outlooks with a good understanding of the major issues in the areas of communication, language and culture studies;
  6. a commitment to life-long learning for personal and professional development and abilities to work with others as a team.



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