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UGC Funded Programme
2-year BA (Hons) in Language and Speech Sciences [BALSS]


Total credits requirement for BALSS is 66 credits# + 3 training credits (WIE):

Students are required to take at least 30 credits of level-4 subjects.

General University Requirement (GUR)

  1. Cluster Areas Requirement (CAR) (6 credits)
  • CBS1A01P Fun With Language (with CR/CW) plus another CAR subject from other Cluster Areas that fulfils both the English Reading and Writing (ER/EW) and China Studies Requirement (CSR); OR
  • Two CAR subjects from different Cluster Areas fulfilling the Chinese Reading and Writing (CR/CW), English Reading and Writing (ER/EW) and China Studies Requirements (CSR)
  1. Service-Learning (3 credits)
  • CBS3S01 Service Learning through Helping Primary Students with Specific Reading Difficulties; OR
  • other service learning subjects that are offered by other departments.

Work Integrated Education (WIE)

  1. CBS4946 Work Integrated Education (3 training credits)

Discipline-Specific Requirement (DSR)

  1. Capstone project (6 credits): CBS4999 Project in Language and Speech Sciences
  2. BALSS discipline-specific subjects (51 credits)





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