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UGC Funded Programme
2-year BA (Hons) in Language and Speech Sciences [BALSS]


Entrance Requirements:

A Higher Diploma or an Associate Degree from a recognised institution in relevant disciplines such as language studies, psychology, allied health care, biological sciences, social sciences or other communication-related fields.

Preference will be given to applicants with good command of English and Chinese.


Admission Information:

Students may be exempted from taking any specified subjects, including mandatory General University Requirements (GUR) subjects, if they have successfully completed similar subjects previously in another programme or have demonstrated the level of proficiency/ability to the satisfaction of the subject offering Department. Subject exemption is normally decided by the subject offering Department. However, for applications which are submitted by students who have completed an approved student exchange programme, the subject exemption is to be decided by the programme offering Department in consultation with the subject offering Departments. In case of disagreement between the programme offering Department and the subject offering Department, the two Faculty Deans/School Board Chairmen concerned will make a final decision jointly on the application. If students are exempted from taking a specified subject, the credits associated with the exempted subject will not be counted towards meeting the award requirements (except for exemptions granted at admission stage). It will therefore be necessary for the students to consult the programme offering Department and take another subject in order to satisfy the credit requirement for the award.

For other admission details, please visit STUDY@PolyU.


Applications for waiver of ER/EW, CR/CW and CSR

Any applications for waiver of English Reading and Writing Requirements (ER/EW), Chinese Reading and Writing Requirements (CR/CW) and China Study Requirement (CSR) should be submitted to the Programme host department for approval with supporting documents which demonstrate the level of accomplishment for the requirements as follows:

Reading and Writing Requirements (R/W)
In order to fulfil the “Reading” requirement, a subject must include the reading of an extensive text (100,000 words or 200 pages). In order to fulfil the “Writing” requirement, a subject must include an extensive piece of writing (2,500 words for English and 3,000 characters for Chinese).

China Study Requirements
A subject with more than 60% China-related content.







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